Booths – effective seating option or not ?

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While top notch food and service are critical to the success of any restaurateur, comfortable seating for guests must be right on the top of the list.

There are many aspects to balance here such as comfort, ambience, privacy, and maximum space utilisation. Booth seating offers an efficient and flexible means to incorporate most of these aspects into a restaurant/café’s seating plan.

But do booths really allow maximum space usage?

Here’s a very basic example – a 1200mm wide x 650mm deep booth either side of a 1200mm x 800mm table will take up roughly 2.5 m2 of space to seat 4 people. In comparison an 800mm x 800mm table with four chairs, 500mm deep, each side will use up about 3.2 m2.

This, of course, is a very basic way of looking at it and doesn’t take into account available space, layout of the store, comparison against other table sizes, and cannot be applied as a universal rule. But in many instances booths will allow for more seating per square meter of space compared to loose tables and chairs, whilst offering the benefits of comfort, privacy, and warmth.

Straight linear booths against a wall (what we at CFI refer to as banquet seating) are more cost efficient and better space utilisers than curved or shaped booths. They also allow more flexibility by being able to join tables for a range of group options. So if you have a long straight wall, do give some serious thought to banquet seating going against it.

Also give some serious thought to clearances. Too many booth spaces are designed in a way which makes it very tedious to get in and out of them. Generally, a 15-20mm overhang of table on the seat is a good balance, and allow about 600-700mm between tables if placed linear.

And lastly, while booths have many advantages, they do need some careful planning and judicious use or they could end up counter acting the benefits on offer. So talk to us for your booth seating requirement and we will be more than happy to help you come up with a plan to suit your specific needs.