Bali Café

SM France table tops are designed and made specifically for hospitality, restaurant, cafe, and other types of commercial use.
They are damp proof and moisture resistant which makes them suitable for indoor/outdoor use, have high resistance to heat, high scratch resistance, high resistance to spills and staining, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Being used world over these are the best choice table tops for hospitality and commercial use tables.
Available in a range of sizes, please enquire with our sales team for sizes stocked locally.

Squares : 900×900, 800×800, 600×600
Round : 600mm⌀, 700mm⌀, 800mm⌀, 900mm⌀,
Rectangle : 1200×800
Other sizes : Available on demand

* We do not recommend dark colours under direct sunlight, and if this is the case please opt for a light colour.